Develop A Website

Using the latest technology: User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX) design.

Showcase: Joomshaper

A team of computer engineers, graphic designers and artists collaborate for a better online experience with SP Pagebuilder, the "bigbox" extension shop among Joomla's one-off extensions.

Basic Gear To Setup

2. Web Hosting

3. Domain Name, 4. Free Joomla CMS

5. Video Editing

Camtasia Movie Studio

6b. Portable Recording Studio

Soundproofing & External Keyboard

Website Theme

Template Example

Website Theme

Quickstart Example

Video Production

1 Create Script

Research, outline and draft your story. Effectively appeal to as many senses as possible.

2 Voice Over

Large prodction and animation companies narrate their story before shooting video. Copy their example in your production.

3 Assemble Visuals

Combine personal images, logo and trasitions along with artifical intelligent selections.

4 Post Production

Sync video to voice, spice it up with effects and make final edits using the latest productions software.

Joomshaper Development Technology